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Impact of net zero on the UK Housing

– 1 min read

The impacts of net zero will be seen across the UK, but we’re starting with the impact on the housing sector which our founding partner, Places for People, knows all about.   

The UK has committed to slashing its emissions by 78% against the 1990 levels by 2035, which will bring the UK three-quarters of the way to reaching net zero by 2050. This target is one of the most ambitious targets in the world with aims of pioneering new technologies and innovation, creating thousands of jobs, and leading the charge. 

How will this impact the housing sector? The answer is, greatly!  

The housing sector is a massive contributor to carbon emissions, and drastic cuts need to be made. Some of the largest emissions come from construction as a result of manufacturing energy-intensive materials such as concrete and steel.  

However, we don’t need to look that far to see that homeowners also contribute to carbon emissions so change needs to be made, both in homes and in industry.  

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