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Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

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Each year, companies employing 250 people or more are required to publish a Gender Pay Gap Report. The report must contain certain statistics that seek to measure the Gender Pay Gap. These statistics must also be provided to the Government.

As we did last year, led by our culture and SPIRIT values, we have decided to go beyond government requirements and report on gender pay across the whole Group, regardless of size, as well as fulfil our legal obligations. Despite the law not requiring us to publish our Gender Pay Gap figures last year, and allowing companies more time to release their reports this year, for a second year we have published our report on schedule.

We are, therefore, pleased to provide our latest Gender Pay Gap Report, as at 5 April 2020. Our report outlines gender pay across the Group, as well as the breakdown for our companies which must legally publish their data.

What is the Gender Pay Gap?

The Gender Pay Gap is a measure of the difference between the average pay of males and females across the same organisation. It is not the same as equal pay, which relates to males and females being paid equally for equal work, or work of equal value. This has been a legal requirement for many years and a matter of principle that we are committed to.

What the report shows

  • Our headline mean gender pay gap at 9.3% and median gender pay gap at 8.3% suggest that our pay is broadly gender neutral across the Group.
  • As you would expect given the size and scope of our Group, there are some differences between companies.
  • It is important to note, the figures as at April 2020 were very much impacted by the national lockdown that began in March 2020 and led to many of our colleagues being placed on paid furlough leave.
  • As most colleagues on furlough leave have been excluded from these calculations, we are unable to compare these results to previous years in a meaningful way.
  • Despite this, we know that there is still more work to do. That’s why we’ve rebuilt our Gender Action Plan to drive change in female representation in our business, which is the key to driving our Gender Pay Gap values towards zero.

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