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How to apply

Applying for a new role with Places for People is quick and easy.

Once you’ve had a thorough read of the job role suitable for you, we just need you to answer a few basic questions, and then upload your most up-to-date CV.

Please make sure your CV best demonstrates your skills, experience, qualifications and suitability for the role. 

Our application process

Applying for a new role with Places for People is quick and simple.

First we’ll need your CV. Whilst that is the most important document, we sometimes refer to additional information that you supply when making our decision, so that’s why we invite you to elaborate and complete a supporting statement.

Supporting statement top tips

There is no right or wrong way to complete this – just tell us as much as you can about yourself and the skills you’ll bring to our team.

The document will be reviewed by a recruitment advisor and also the recruiting manager so you might want to tell them things like:

  • Why the role is of interest to you
  • Details of any skills or experience you particularly want to highlight
  • Elaborating on any interesting areas of your CV
  • Addressing any questions you think we may have – for example, is the role based in a different location from where you currently live? If so, you could tell us more about why you’re looking to relocate

Above all, use the supporting statement to sell yourself – however if you feel your CV does that already then of course, we will accept an application without a statement. 

Our interview process

We really like to get to know our future colleagues, that’s why our interview processes use a range of different techniques and formats – hopefully the information below will guide you ahead of your first dialogue with our team.

Telephone interviews - be yourself, and relax

The first people you’ll speak to will either be the hiring manager or one of our internal recruiters, who’ll usually have an informal telephone chat with you before we progress to face-to-face.

Informal they may be – we still recommend that you do some preparation beforehand; have a look at our website, find out more about our Group businesses, read through the particulars of the job you’re interested in – and prepare some questions to ask us too – we want this to be a two-way process.

And be early; make sure you are ready and available at least five minutes beforehand, and that you’re in a quiet place with good phone reception and no distractions.


We like face-to-face interviews; they’re our most common interview style and allow us to really get to know each other.

Our interviews normally last for an hour, and within them we’ll ask you a series of competency-based questions. This style of questioning tests your skill set with past behaviours and actions used as an indicator of future performance.

We want each candidate to do really well in this style of interview and recommend that everyone coming to meet us should use the STAR method to answer – that stands for “situation, task, action and result”.

 Here are some pointers…

  • Situation: Set the scene and provide context that links back to the original question.
  • Task: Explain to the interviewer the role you played and detail exactly what you did.
  • Action: Highlight how you responded to the situation. You need to explain what you did in this situation whilst remembering to highlight specific skills you used that are relevant to the role.
  • Result: This should be a positive outcome to the situation and you should explain how this was beneficial to everyone involved in the situation.

At your face-to-face interview, we’ll also need you to bring proof of your right to work in the UK – we’ll send the details in your interview confirmation email.

Assessment centres

If you’re applying for one of our brilliant, front-line customer service roles, we’ll ask you to come to one of our assessment centres so that we can meet you and assess how you react to a range of common situations.

These sessions usually last for half a day, and will consist of you taking part in a number of activities like:

  • Group based activities
  • In-tray exercises
  • Problem solving
  • A short competency based interview

Our number one tip when attending an assessment centre? Just be yourself and relax! Our assessors will be looking to determine whether you would fit in well with their team so make sure your vibrant personality shines through!


Every recruitment process is different but we do our best to let people know if they have been shortlisted for interview within a week from the closing date. You will always hear from us whether you have been successful or not. 

If you have any queries at all at any stage of the application process, just get in touch.

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