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30 November 2017
We all know that we have to boost housing supply, so the Government's £44 billion package of measures to deliver 300,000 more homes a year is a step in the right direction. But as stated by the Chancellor, there's no one single solution to the housing crisis', so we need to look at more than just the numbers.
David Cowans
03 July 2017
We all recognise the need to build more homes to improve affordability, particularly for young people who can face eye-watering deposits. More housing supply is a crucial part of the required response. The key to boosting this supply is diversification, which will enable a range of large and small housing companies and local authorities to bring their capacity and expertise to boost housing production.
David Cowans
16 May 2017
The custom-build sector has a vital role to play in fixing the UK’s broken housing market, but we must take a more collaborative approach to overcome its growth barriers, says David Cowans, group chief executive of Places of People.
Jane Barker
06 April 2017
As our new retirement housing business, Liberty Retirement Living is launched, managing director Jane Barker discusses the need for a holistic strategy for our ageing population.
David Cowans
28 February 2017
Talk of our current housing need is firmly focused on first time buyers and families. But there is very insufficient provision for older people too and that needs to change.
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