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Security and passwords

Your rent account


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Rent and service charges

If you have any questions relating to your rent and service charges then please see our rent and service charges FAQs.

Security and passwords

Q. How secure is my online account?
A. Your username and password are unique to you. The website also uses industry-standard best security (SSL 128-bit encryption) to keep your details safe and protected.

Q. I've forgotten my password.
A. Reset your password here and we'll send a unique link so you can choose a new one.

Your rent account

Q. I've made a payment. When will it show on my rent account?

  • Direct Debit: same working day it is taken from your bank account
  • Debit card: the following working day
  • Swipe card, bank transfer and standing orders: up to 5 working days
  • Cheque or cash: up to 7 working days.

Q. What is the court cost account for?
A. If you have a court cost account, this will be from costs which were awarded by a judge at a previous court hearing.

Q. What is a 'recharge' account?
A. The recharge account includes the cost of any rechargeable repairs made to your property.

Q. My account is in debt. What should I do?
A. If you can, clear your balance by the amount shown and make a rent payment to cover the next period in advance.

If you're struggling, email the Income Recovery Centre to discuss repayment options on

Q. I receive housing benefit / housing element of Universal Credit - do I need to make a payment?
If your housing benefit or the housing element of Universal Credit covers your total rent charge and your account is in debt, you need to make additional payments until your account is in credit as per the terms of your tenancy agreement.


Q. Will I still receive a paper statement in the post?
A. You will no longer receive a paper copy of your statement through the post if you register to view your rent account online. You can download and print a copy of your statement using the print option on your computer.

Q. Can I print my statement?
A. Yes. Download your statement and you will be able to print from your computer.

Q. Where can I see my most recent payment?
A. Your recent payments are shown on the last page of the statement (paper statements) or at the top of the page (online statements).

Q. Where is my current balance shown?
A. Online, you'll find your current balance at the top of your statement. On paper statements you'll find it at the bottom row of the last page. DR indicates a debt; CR indicates a credit balance. Your balance should ideally be £0, because payments are due in advance. 

Q. What is 'amount due'?
Amount due is the weekly or monthly rent or charge you pay for your property.

Q. Why is my direct debit showing in the 'amount due' column?
If this happens, it means there has been a problem with taking your direct debit payment. You will need to make a payment online or over the phone. 

Help with your finances

Q. I am struggling to pay my rent. What help do you have?
A. See our Advice and Support pages. You can also get great advice from the National Debtline, the Consumer Credit Council and Christians Against Poverty.