Claim expenses

We want you to get involved. To enable you to attend and participate we cover expenses for travel and other reasonable costs.

How we help

To make sure you're not out-of-pocket for any length of time we:

  • Book the majority of travel in advance for you
  • Use paid-for taxi accounts when available
  • Reimburse small amounts (e.g. for bus fares or parking) in cash if possible.
  • Pay larger claims are paid by cheque at the event or direct to your bank account (via BACS).

How to claim expenses

  • Print off and fill-in the expenses claim form.
  • Attach all receipts
  • Hand it to the member of staff who has organised the event or send it to your local office.

The small print

Expenses should be claimed no later than one month after the day of the activity. Allowances and expenses can only be claimed by the person attending and participating in the event. The manager holding the involvement event will approve the expenses claim form.

Travel costs

Mode of travel

Expenses process

Bus/ local rail/ tram fares You need to provide bus/local rail/tram tickets - except when you need them for a return journey. If so, the ticket should be shown and photocopied. We can arrange local train travel for you.
Rail travel outside the town where you live We can arrange cost-effective rail travel for you. The train tickets are usually sent direct to your home.
Car Actual journey mileage including return can be claimed at a 40p per mile. Car sharing is encouraged.
Parking Claims are valid for the period of the meeting only. A photocopy of your car parking receipt/ticket is required.
Taxi If we have a taxi account we will order a taxi for you and you won't have to pay. Otherwise you must provide a dated receipt showing the cost and journey.


Other expenses

Type of expense

Expenses process

Carer/ childcare costs

We'll pay for costs for someone to look after your children - or someone you care for - as a direct result of attending a meeting or event.

We pay the minimum wage rate (or the actual cost if this is less).
Interpreter/ signer cost We can arrange an interpreter service for you.
Meals, snacks and refreshments Current rates:
Meal (London / Bristol / Edinburgh): £19.67
Meal (other locations): £15.53
Sundries (non-alcoholic drinks/snacks): £5.00
Accommodation We'll book this for you if required.
Other reasonable expenses There may be other expenses that you want us to consider. Local managers will look at all reasonable costs that enable you to be actively involved.