What we're looking for

Our vision is to ensure successful places and enable people to reach their potential. And to achieve this, we need the very best people to work with us. SPIRIT is a list of principles that we look for in our staff.

SPIRIT stands for:

Support - always there to help customers and colleagues
Positive - a 'can do' attitude; encourages others to achieve
Integrity - always delivers on promises; is open and honest
Respect - treats people fairly and with understanding
Innovative - open to new ideas; not afraid of failure
Together - believes more can be achieved by working well with others.

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Opportunities for everyone

We employ people of all ages and from a wide range of backgrounds - and we always make sure that we accommodate employees' needs and beliefs.

Come and work for us

If you like what you see - and think you've got the SPIRIT to work for us - we'd love to hear from you. Search and apply for a job today.